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After-Beach Skin Care Tips

Everyone loves a little fun in the sun. A single day at the beach can bring wonders to body and soul. Of course, when you’re done with all that frolicking, you’ll have to give your skin some special care. Nothing wrong with grabbing some fun, especially with friends and loved ones. But of course, we are all responsible for anything we do, and such a responsibility includes giving our skin the right care after a rough ride at the beach.

Here are things you can do when you get home so your skin stays gorgeous and healthy:


You’ve probably smoothed on layers of sunscreen and soaked in the salty seas, so that bath is necessary to take away all the buildup. That’s great, considering the sun is the leading cause of skin aging, as well as skin diseases, including cancer. But now it’s time to remove it. But skip that drying deodorant soap and opt for something natural and hydrating.

When you’ve dried off, cover your whole body with a moisturizing lotion. The salt and sun combo can be dehydrating to your skin, so it’s a must that you moisturize it right after you shower so the moisture gets trapped in your pores.


Did you know that sand is a great natural exfoliator? If you went barefoot at the beach, your feet would’ve become dry by the time you got home. As you may know, exfoliation gets rid of dead skin, but it removes the natural oils too. That’s the reason moisturizing your feet is important after a beach escapade.


Did you know that on a windy day at the beach, even your skin can be exfoliated by the sand? Now whoever knew that? Remove the sunscreen from your face with a gentle facial wash and apply some hydrating moisturizer. This will soothe your skin after all that stress you put it under.


Lips get easily sunburned, so hopefully, you had some SPF lip balm on all day. Whether or not you did, those lips are still probably going to feel dry and abused anyway. After taking your bath, relieve the dryness by putting a thick layer of lip balm or ordinary Vaseline on your lips. The effects are instant!


If you’re like most people out there, you likely didn’t bother or just totally forgot to have your eight glasses of water when you were trying to look your best at the beach. When you get home, make sure to compensate for that. It’s not just your skin that will be grateful for that moisture. Your entire body and its life systems will be benefited.

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