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Tips for Selecting a Timeshare Resale Company

There are many timeshare resale organizations in the market, and finding the right one to do business with can be overwhelming. This article will guide you in choosing the right timeshare resale company for you.

Reputation of the timeshare resale company is the first thing that you should consider when making your decision. One way of identifying reliable companies is by inquiring if they are accredited to the Resort Development Organisation because it indicates that they adhere to their standards and codes of ethics. You can also check their website for customers reviews so you will know what past clients think about the company. You can as well as contact the Better Business Bureau and see if they have good ratings.

It is important to go to their website and check the legitimacy of the company before giving them business. Ask for proof of their real estate licences which meets the requirements of the state where they conduct their business. If you have questions regarding the validity of the licensing information, contact your state’s real estate licensing agency or the real estate commission.

When selling timeshares, be vigilant of resale companies that are scammers and want to swindle your money. Some of the things that shows they are scammers include; if the resale company contacts you without an invitation, if they claim to have buyers waiting, if they ask for bank statements and credit card, and if they pressure you to make a quick decision. Avoid companies that pressure you to sell your timeshare with the motive of selling to you other timeshares.

Pay attention to the advertising methods that the company will use to sell get your property out there for potential buyers to see. They should use multiple advertising outlets including billboards, TV, radio and the online media. When you are doing an online search for timeshare, you want to ensure that your property is featured so that you can be assured that potential buyers will be able to find it.

Another tip for selling your timeshare is to price it competitively. Before you price your timeshare, do your homework and find out what other properties similar to your sell for at the same time period. Don’t overprice, rather sell lower than other properties selling in the market so that yours can have the first priority.

Finally, a good resale company will give you an offer writing and send it by email. They should also give you a full description of the services that they will offer you before you make any informed decisions. The contract should be detailed and in writing and it should include the costs that you need to pay, the duration of the contract and who will be handling the documentation. Go through the contract carefully and ensure that you comprehend each term and condition before signing it.

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