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Global Warming Is a Fallacy.

However much the geographical scientist have tried to make people understand the reality on the global climatic change, they encounter fierce critics from many people who have failed to buy the idea that they are putting across. Many hold the notion that global warming agenda is a conspiracy that the rogue governments and corrupt scientists apply in an attempt of making their subjects believe that it is a real thing that should be taken seriously. They tend to make people scared of the effects of the climatic changes and how it is having adverse effects on the environmental conditions. Those who trust in the ideas of the geographical scientist strive to ensure that they change their actions and take on the environmental issues.

However, the options that supports the global warming agenda have been under attack by most free thinkers who hold the thought that it is a deception meant to stop people from realizing the bigger picture of what is actually happening, in this light device a long reasons that contradict the ideas that support the global warming. The explanations that are not convincive enough has made global warming to remain a fallacy top many people. A large population look at climatic change as a misinformed thing that is not real. You might ask yourself why many scholars consider global warming a fallacy while they can actually witness the climatic change in the areas that we are in? This is because the unconvinced explanations of the global warming effects.

The major explanation that scientist put across is the changes in the sea level which they believe to be the effect of the global warming. They keep telling people on how the warming of the atmosphere keeps on raising the sea levels. Ideally this can be said not to be true since if at all this could have been the case then every continent could have be swallowed with the sea. But look at it this way, if at the ice could have melting because of the global warming then all the earth could have been filled with the melted water from the ice since the agenda of global warming began some decades back. If you carry out a simple experiment by leaving some ice cubes in a glass, it will take few minutes to turn to water. considering the speed at which the melting of ice is taking place in the glass, the earth could have been filled with the sea if at all we are to go by the global warming explanation. This is one of reasons why many scholars have the option that global warming is not real and consider it as a one major fallacy.

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